Our school has an extremely supportive Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that works hard organising social events to raise considerable funds for the school.

Every parent automatically becomes a member of the PTA when their child joins the school and is encouraged to take part in the many fundraising events which are extremely beneficial to the continued success of the school.

The children benefit greatly from the money raised by the PTA whilst giving them the opportunity to take part in lots of fun events in the process. It’s also a great way of building friendships amongst families in the community.

PTA Committee 2015-2016:

  • Chairpersons:  Julia Tillyer and Sue Walder-Davis
  • Secretary:  Kirsten Shaw
  • Treasurer:  Dave Upshall
  • Year 2 Reps:  Louise Smith and Elisabeth Hastings
  • Year 1 Reps:  Maria Edwards and Nicola Barnett
  • Reception Reps:  Emma Britten and Sally Sacala